Fuel Vaporizer

Fuel Vaporizer
Uploaded on Oct 2, 2010
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everyone above is mad

did u realise that ur traveling backwards? u turned on ur lights, so ur moving backwards in speed of light - speed of car when the lights are turned off.

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that about fuel combustion is a marketing strategy from the gas companies

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LOL. Gas DOES burn when you use it. Its a chemical reaction called COMBUSTION. Its when O2 + CH4 ---> H2O and CO2. U Jelly, non-scientifically-inclined fags?

All reactions are reversible, so...
CO2 + H2O ----> O2 + CH4
Water and Plants makes gas! Problem, Al Gore?

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the evaporation companies will go bankruped

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And so started the infinite somethings.

Much fail cause Fuel doesn't vaporize when used.
It combusts

dont you get jokes...

Jokes are jokes, this is just stupid

good work science troll


Во-первых, желе?

I want to try this.

Hey guys!
Make a comment on any of my comics starting with "Dear Dipalon" and I may make a comic all about it!
It should not have swearing (edited out where possible)
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But how do you turn it back to liquid

There is no way to collect the gas to have it go through the car back to the tank. Even if you did, how can you turn it back into a liquid from a gas?

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