Global Warming Gone WRONG

Global Warming Gone WRONG
Uploaded on Oct 2, 2010
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lol you all got trolled hard

If you let it explode in the air you would get an EMP... :/
And then you can't use your Ac130 to get the game winning kill.

because only the united states of americans would do such a thing.

Actually the nuke seems to be coming from Mexico...

@#12560 no, if your team uses the EMP you can still get your game winning kills with an AC130

This one is all-ready on the site..... copypastefag

@#25920 well... this is #21...
the copypaste was the other one... randomfag

thats called an Electro Magnetic Pulse, wiping out all electronics in southern north america

no explosions in space.
good troll though

Cause were pro@#24

okokok, then, how to close the hole in the atmosphere?

Watch as UV radiation pours in.

hahahahahahahahahahahaha its funny cause you would die

@#16279 You fucked that up bad. If you're gonna talk about a country's least call us by what we are. It's 'Anericans', not 'United states of Americans.' Umad?

@#53600 OK, 'Anerican' he's probably just Nexican or Brinish.
And the world would actually heat up because there's nothing to stop the sun's rays. U MAD?NBZDSCFSHVCJV

how come america is launching the nuke?

because our nukes are better than your nukes


U mad?

wouldnt the nuke cause an EMP and kill at the electronics in US?

think that hard again and u will face consequences

The funny thing is, that it would make it worse.

the radiation in space would melt the polar ice caps even faster :|


We should pollute more in order to get rid of global warming!

You guys are correct! Why would a troll purposely be wrong and aggrovate you?

ACTUALLY detonating an nuke in space would either knock out the whole world's power grid OR produce an effect similar to dividing by zero


but it has side effect of making earth into zalgo so we should do this now

Wow... First. Can't BILEIVE nobody called it.
Invisible everything shield under my name.

But there will be no oxygen on earth.

Instructions unclear: earth blew up and im in hell

Problem, air?


And start meteors


wherever the hole is global warming would only get worse since sunlight could come in freely and burn everything

And all the air comes out and everyone dies

You can't create a hole in the atmosphere using a rocket. Even if you did, we would all die since it would be too hot and there would be no air left.

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