Troll smoking

Troll smoking
Uploaded on Jan 9, 2011

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U jelly?

So...if you laught and not smoke, you actually get six years longer :/


if you didn't smoke and just laught you would live 8 years longer?

This is really clever! I'm glad to finally see an epic trollscience this month! (there haven't been many) [+1]

U mad, death?

Death gods will go bankrupt !

smoke weed
live 2 years longer?

Brotip: Smoke half of the cigarettes backwards while laughing, so you will live 8 years longer!

pozdrawiam wszystkich polaku i ;d


@#20433 Smoking make you look cool. Would you rather live six extra years and be loser, or live only two and be awesome?

@#20501 Proud.

@#20503 smoker. i am dissapoint.

@#20482 A o komixxach zapomniałeś?

If you laughed and not smoked you would get 14 extra years!!

BROTIP: Weed makes you laugh, so smoke weed and laugh naturally.

Loving the edit in the 3rd panel.

10 cigarette buds at once, rageface


Wow you guys suck at math.



anti-smoking cumpennies will go benkroptz

u mad, Death?

I'm gelly

Pulmonologist will go bankrupt!

im with the the ones af the weed!!
drugs are great!! take some before commenting!
i do!!

Great,now all teh Shinigamis will go bankrupt >.>

@#20433 8 years longer
u mad, jelly?

it's not funny actually. smoking is a serious disaster for oneself.

HHAHAHAH +2 years of life TROLLL

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