Drinking Problem

Drinking Problem
Uploaded on Jan 7, 2011

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first. u jelly commentfags?



anti jelly barrier everyone above is jelly

Container ______________________________________________________________
fifth UMAD Jelly? (Jelly contained)
everyone below is jelly

just like the "forever high" one, but it's less gross. it's an ok trollscience, but its kinda meh. but then again, new trollscience ideas ARE very hard to find at the moment, so it gets an up-vote.

@#19937 Jelly contained


Yes, I am jelly.

I do this with jelly.

eventually it'll have almost no alcohol i NEED MUCH ALCOHOLLLLLSSSSSSSaaa

Downtown bars will go bankrupt, problem super-bowl watchers?

Most interesting man in the world will go bankrupt.


lulz :P

fuck me


how can i do this with lsd?

In Sovient Russia, you aren't jelly, jelly is you.

/c/omrade tip: use vodka for better drunk time da?

itz duh yeer

the box must be plastic for this to work...

step 5 looks like hes barfing into a bag


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