Super Milk

Super Milk
Uploaded on Oct 2, 2010
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Needs schloopy woopy muscles.

Lmao this is what they told me to drink when I got Jaw surgery.

Milk companies will go fucking bankrupt! U mad?
Next comment is jelly with no exception

cows well go bankrupt!!!

l0lo0l0o n00bz ujellyfags? ne3ds m04r schw0opy armzs

Needs more COME AT ME BRO

Secret of Chuck Norris power revealed

@#20613 he used a combination of ultimatemilk and magnet cereal

LOL, I actually do this in real life. And yes, it actually works. It tastes like crap, though.

In soievt Ruissa baknrupt goes compnies



oh, ofc the companies will go broke when u use it to make suppah milk

My UNofficial trollscience checklist
Magnets: No
Loopy Shwoopy: No
Trollface: Yes
Bankrupt (that makes sense): No, but not important
Infinite something: Kinda..
Brotip(s): The whole damn thing is a brotip
Idea: great
GumGum shield: Missing :(
Funny: Yes
Vote: Yes, but close to not having one

Now, that, ladies and gentlemen...
*Dons Sunglasses*
Is what I call Muscle Milk.


hut chikz leikz to sux dix uf buff gaiz

FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFUUUUURSTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!1p0101011010110101010101010v lol im sow coolio!

A vaginal prolapse is a weakness around the vagina that allows the uterus, rectum, bladder, urethra, small bowel, or the vagina itself to fall from their normal positions. In and around a woman's vagina is a support network of muscles, ligaments, and skin, all holding organs, tissues, and structures in place in the pelvis. If parts of this system weaken or break, these can fall – or prolapse, and if neglected, they can fall farther and farther into the vagina or even through the vaginal opening.

fry it in veal grease that was left over from frying a slab of veal fed veal.

I already do that.

holy shit

What if you take that milk, dry it to make powdered milk, add milk... Repeat. -> ÜBER MILK!!!1

Life hack!

Yo dawg, we herd u lik milk so we put milk in ur milk so u can drnk well ur drnkn!

Does it makes Cirno a Troll-scientist?

Step 4: Feed super milk to a cow
Step 5: Milk the super cow

Awwwww... I want some Super Milk!

I've done this. Works + makes great yoghurt.

Seems legit.

Repeat for infinite buffness

Everyone else here can't get a girl to save their life.


Ye!! 4x the milkfat


u jelly

Milk brands will go bankrupt if you do this. The only way to undo it is to drink all the milk.
U MAD?!!!??!!!

@#96079 LOL

Surgeons hate him!

@#96079 That's not true!

@#96085 Also, get out of here, you are a fucking thingy.

lactose intolerants are jelly

Try adding some of that super milk to powdered milk

Milk actually doesn't help calcium. Milk sellers only say that so they can sell their products.

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