Elevator Jump

Elevator Jump
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how do i trollface

This is actually irrelevant anyway: elevators have about 8 cords holding you up, as well as brakes, and even if that weren't enough--this is the best part--a spring system at the bottom to cushion your fall.

@#90 What great mind, if your name is nigger?

did he died?

Except for that the air being pushed downwards by your elevator would pile up and be compressed when it hits the floor thus softly stopping it and you not dying. (happened to a lady)

everybody knows this.
why it fails?
you fall 20m
you jump .3
result: a hit from 20-.3=19.7m
.............you are hammered shit

your acceleration towards the ground would still be quite alot. you would just minus the acceleration you jump with from the elevators acceleration.
kfc 4 all

Some elevators have rails. They're supposed to help you jump to survive the crash.

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After the jump he must fart to stay in air.


Usually the elevator falls faster, so you get stuck to the roof. The trick is jumping off of the roof seconds before you have to jump off of the ground.

This aint troll science if myth busters did an episode on it already


@#38884 mythbusters are troll scientists

i liek doing that in the elevator

This will just not work(jumping off a cliff will might work cuz u dont splat ur brains in roof)

u mad,gravity?

How would one know when it was about to hit the ground?

I've thought about this before actually. great minds think alike.

elevator should have an indicator telling you which level you're currently at. But what a pain in the arse to try and time it though

They do in america.

You know they actually did test this one on an early episode of Mythbusters, not even kidding.

It was unconfirmed because they couldn't get a dummy to jump at the right time.

No, they got the dummy to jump, the issue is you're falling at 50 MPH and you can only push back about 5 MPH of that, so even assuming you got the jump at exactly the right time you're still falling at 45 MPH.

What you should actually do is spread out on the floor as much as you can. Bigger surface = less pressure per sq in.

Or just kneel with your head down in hope it ends quickly.

right before it hits the ground you jump. congratulations, you survived an elevator crash! look up as kidneys splatter on roof because of relative velocity.

Mythbusters disproved this already.

Unless you can jump faster than the elevator is falling right before it hits the group, doesn't work

jump before elevator hits the ground = brain damage, you mad science trolls?

@#90 Me too! XD

Sounds like something that would need timing, if it's possible...

That would never work unless you can jump faster than the combined weight of you and the elevator + Gravity which i believe is 10N. Good luck tho. Happy to help.

i did it and it worked.


then you heard the last cord snapping and brakes were tampered with by ninjas because they don't like you for trying to point out the flaws in troll science.@#12449

Lmao I always wondered that,thought it was really smart,Trolling life per say :P

@#70033 yep.

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this is taken

Safety First

This is troll science

Actually if you jump when an elevator falls you will get injured. You are supposed to lie down.

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