Transcontinental Rope

Transcontinental Rope
Uploaded on Oct 2, 2010
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@#205 Force-a-Gravity.

Could indeed work!

you are all jelly PROBLEM?

i did it, but i used thread and now i cant find it

Air transport companies will go bankrupt !

If you are to shoot the rope at 8,000km/s then this is possible.

#25450 Tensions doesnt work in a circle because of gravity, if the circle is the gravitys then tension is workings.

What happens if they are both so tight that they do not touch the floor, and are tied up above the ground? Imagine if we do this over a shorter length, the ties will not touch the ground like this: /------------------/. This is impossible to do with a ball, as they will fall down on the ball at either of the sides. Gravity can't pull the rope in all the directions.
So what if they are stretched around the globe? It should work, but it's impossible that the rope does not fall down anywhere o.O?! I think my mind is about to explode.

We need more rope.

@#25450 It could work if we had sufficient poles to connect the ropes to.
That just gave me an idea for my own stuff. Go figure.

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@#23747 it could

whats holdings it up?

It's held up by the tension from when the two bros were pulling it. That's why they did that.

since the earth's circumfrence would be less that of the rope at maximum tension, the tension could be released by the rope falling to the ground. troll science guy, trolled.

it would totally work.... about half of these would, if people were to just try tha shit.

it no work as once you tie rope gravity pulls it down even if it has tension

earth is not a flat ball, its just a ball, the rope would drag against the other side of the earth before the rope is tied

my head hurts

It could work if you had something stronger than a rope, ie. a bridge

wouldn't work. the rope wouldn't be able to spin with the world and would bump into mountains.

It could work if floating in space



Nikola Tesla designed a bridge around the earth that worked kinda exacly like this. and yes, infinite travel was thought of.

okay, gonna ask factually though, i wonder how this would work if this was real?

@#43337 lawl


I dont need ropes, i just use my awesomeness to teleport faster than the speed of teleportation. Problem sciencefags? Problem teleportationfags?

@#85921 u time travel?

@#43337 Well research has proved that different parts of the earth has different gravity forces, so it wouldn't work

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Anyone below the line is jelly

^No u blaster

The string will not be very easy to keep. How can you travel over the ocean? What if something blocks you? What if you are made to remove it? What if the other person lets go? How will you eat, sleep, change, or use the bathroom? What if you need to go somewhere?

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