sun troll

sun troll
Uploaded on Dec 10, 2010

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First, u jelly?

i jelly

Isn't sun supposed to get half of you then?

the sun is jelly

a wild jelly appeared

It wasn't very effective...


Make sure to catch the sun cheating on you with the moon first.

You Jelly.

Sun I am disappoint.

You could also marry Sun Microsystems, and get half of Java.
Programmerfags would be so fucking jelly then.


U Jelly, Coldfags?

Winter companies will go bankrupt

lol epic.

you don't get half the person you divorce in the split, just half the stuff

Protip: this will only werk if your femail

@#14682 The sun is it's own possession though.

STOP BEING TROLLS! Just because this is troll science doesn't mean you can be a troll on it.

gave me $2000

this is epic win, until the half of the sun incinerates the planet :D

This doesn't make sense, if you divorce someone, you (sometimes) get half of what they own. Not half of THEM.

faggy fags

Sorry, i had to :D


so, does that mean if i marry a woman, and get a divorce, i get half of her?

You would get half of the sun's belongings, not half of the sun itself. Take it from a guy who's been married 3 times

this comic makes SO MUCH


you dummy.

im jelly. jellyfish exactly

lets say sun = husband, troll = bride
if troll divorce, u don't get half of husband...........

Cause normally, you chop the person in half after divorcing them.

@#14349 WIN

Lol cakedewhoop has the most valid point. I'm pretty sure you don't own half of your ex-spouse when you divorce them...

This comic has many faults.
1. You cannot get half the sun in your backyard. The sun is your husband. When you divorce, you don't get half of your husband, idiots.
2. The sun isn't that small. The size of the sun is large enough to contain one million Earth's. Apparently, this picture claims that the sun is the size of an ordinary house.
3. If you somehow got half the sun into your backyard, you would die. The sun is extremely hot, up to 5500 degrees Celsius on the surface. You'd be burnt to a crisp. Because the sun is halved, you would also probably get exposed to a temperature of fifteen million degrees from the core, pretty much destroying Earth.

I dont always post after everyone else, but when i do you lose the game

Okay fag. Instead I get half of the Sun's possessions. Which happens to be our orbital system. I choose Earth, Mars, Neptune (bad ass name) and Uranus (trolling purposes) of the 8 planets. I now am the leader of Earth, it's Moon and eventual colonies and anything living on Mars. U jelly?

trollface fuck the sun hard that he burnt his dick black and it crumbled to soot shit

Well, actually, since you are marrying the sun as a sentient entity as this comic assumes (which presents a huge legal problem on its own), you would only get half the sun's ASSETS, which would not be half the sun itself, which in this situation would be tantamount to cutting a person in half in a divorce. Which means, if you're paying attention, and there is an equitable division, you would also have to cut yourself in half.
I'm pretty sure you would come out on the bottom in this divorce, seeing as how the sun most likely has no actal assets to divide. This means you would have to give up half your stuff to the sun.
And since there is no proof that the sun actually owns the planets in the solar system, there's another problem, since that would assume the planets have no agency or sentience. I mean, there is no legal documentation saying that the sun actually OWNS the solar system.
But since everyone here is most likely a high functioning retarded autist, I'm sure this will go over everyone's head, and some dipshit troll will type in some nonsense and say U JELLY? like a fucking idiot.
TL;DR nerds are horrible faggots.


laugh at the fucking picture and stop trying to bring real science into this. its called TROLLscience for a reason. all you sciencefags are getting trolled badly. "UJELLY" faggot cunts

Or, move to a tropical country.

I tried it but the sun was already married.

Everyone above and below this comment is jelly. Poster of this comment is also jelly. Problem Shwoopy Loopy?


1000 likes!!!!! U jelly?

I agree

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