Colbert Report Trolls National Debt

Colbert Report Trolls National Debt
Uploaded on Dec 8, 2010

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This works. I saw it on TV.


I thought America was already debt free. Isn't it a free country?

@#13958 so what?

@#13959 America has credit card. U jelly?

@#13958 you forget the other part of ya name, i mean first-fag lolloll :DDDDD

Here's the episode it's from:

Jellie Nixon lulz what :D

@#13959 lol, it's funny because America is a country of freedom and free is also a word for something that costs nothing.

@#13971 that word is made in america so it might as well be fake as pamelas titeez

i thried it, it werks

@#13980 u got trolled in real life by a troll trolling science trolls

Something similar to 14126 -
I was at the computer lab, screwing around as usual, when some random pedophile (AKA my friend) sends me this comic, and I burst out laughing. I'm in the office right now.

8 people are chinafags

Everyone above the line is a gayfag
Anti-jelly mirrors

an epic plan and it will work because it wasn't made by a guy with a troll face

fact: if my number ends with a 0 or 5, all people above me are jelly.




SKOFNI0UTJ054JT09odadahh,$^t$w% ^jhuy^df*ikds694EGJ

UGH... sometimes I hate how racist/sexist the comments on this site can be. Any comment that is not racist and/or sexist is a "first" comment, a "jelly/Beiber line," a comment that is "u jelly?", or saying things like "It won't work cause theres no magnetz!" Honestly, I wish that people could be intelligent on this site. PLEASE COPY AND PASTE ON OTHER COMICS!

I agree@#85677

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