Flying with Weapons

Flying with Weapons
Uploaded on Oct 2, 2010
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a magnet and a metal glove would work better

the barrel wouldn't blow because.......believe it or not...STEEL is stronger than your hand. Glove or not. or your elbow, or forearm. Your little girly twig bit arm would move. end story. and move up of course. hence the flying.

Brotip: eat sandvich for infinite flight!

it works but... hurts!

It's not like m*v up = m*v down. Problem, trollfags?

What about Rocket Jumping?

Infinite energies!

I tried it and it works!


FAKE, instead of flying, you'll dig down to the Earth core.

dosnt work )*: its hard to write with one hand -.-*

cant you just get a machine gun?

If you wanna go realistic with this, the barrel would blow if you did that.

NO it wouldn't he isn't making a seal around the barrel, only placing his hand infront of the barrel. Tard.

the force of you going up would be equal to the force of you shooting the gun. you aint goin nowhere

You just need a big handgun. DUH.


You land by shooting ur ballz

Problem, Newton's equal forces?


ever action has an equal and opposite reaction, shoot gun he goes down with the same force as up going no where. but who cares this is awesome

Dont you retards know its TROLL science.

Or have i been troled

u guies gaaaay

Now you're holding a bullet! -___-

I'm on a touch pad lol.

How about rocket jumping?


fuck fag dick ass bitch shit whore lol

I tried this and I hurt myself.

this is da 13th wan

The bullet would just bump into the glove and fall back dow

If you shoot yourself with the gun, it will only bounce off of the glove. It will not propel you into the air and the worst thing it can do is have one of the bullet shells land on you.

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