Infinite Portal Energy

Infinite Portal Energy
Uploaded on Oct 2, 2010
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Use multiple wheels and you can supply energy for the portals as well as for yourself.

Problem, energy companies?

/v/ery good idea.

(portal is vidya.)

The cake is a lie you jelly faggots!

cake companies will go bankrupt!

@#9704 if the portal is below the water, than there is no mass below the water, just a hole.

@#9264 fir the good of all of us except the ones who are dead

This actually exists... just in lakes, you can find tens if not hundreds of turbines that have "infinite" energy like that, the problem is just lack of places to have running water and the electricity cost of the company itself, I thought trollscience was supposed to have stuff that wouldn´t work, not stuff that works and exists already.

This was a triumph.

@#531- Terminal velocity wouldnt rip the wheel to shreds, it would be the LACK of that would.

This would be easy except getting the portal part nad maybe getting the portal so close together without sucking in each other and maybe the part wh u pour the water into portal and the mid air wheel thing but this is after all troll science so u guyz jelly?

i liked that game much

Ok people, all we have to do is develop guns that allow us to move seamlessly across space... then our energy crisis will be fixed.

NOW u are thinking portals.

this would work in real life, the problem? there are no portals (sucks doesn't it? :( )

This would also work on waterfalls. Which actually exist. Problem?

Congrats, you just proved portal theory wrong for all of us.
I hate you.

@#13660 not in portal 2

um, yeah, go find some portals in lakes IRL.

Omg. This was stolen from a book called: the internet is a playground.

And THAT is why portal should be made real.

big rig energy companies will go bankrupt

ummm sorry to ruin the fun, but this is not infinite energies. falling water takes its energies from gravitational field of earth so earth must lose energy. if this was made, earth's orbit would decay, so it would eventually spiral into the sun. solution - put many giant magnets on the asteroid belt - earth has magnetic field so magnets would hold earth in place. energy taken from magnets so asteroids fall into sun, meaning people cant visit the asteroids. problem nasa?

Above... It'd depend... Would the energy of gravity go THROUGH the portal... What I mean... It might make things go TOWARD the higher portal... Creating a paradox.... Something...

The amount of energy required to maintain the portal would have to be greater than the amount of gravitational potential energy gained by the falling water in order to satisfy the "no free lunch" requirement of thermodynamics.

jelly sheild

portal C:

Wow... funny thing is that this would actually be plausible provided portal technology is possible.

This is not troll science, this is real science you bitch

Where is aperture science when you need them?

We do what we must because we can.

now your thinking with portals

Best part the water would be going fast each cycle due to gravity=super enegery

Unless you count terminal velocity, that is.

Smart indeed
There is a terminal velocity involved, i think even on portal game you can reach it np.

fak yah.

For the good of all of us, except the ones who are dead.

Terminal velocity would kick in and probably rip the entire wheel to shreds.


BUT, if this happened in a vacuum, the water wouldn't have a terminal velocity

Infinite Cake!

in a vacuum, water is only solid or gas, not liquid because the dipole dipole attraction inst strong enough to hold it in a liquid form against the pull of the vacuum.

Hmm, only if the wheel is generating more energy than it takes to power the portals in the first place. lulz

wouldn't it be better to use sand?

uh, the water would slash everywhere once it hit the wheel. sand sounds like a better idea


Water would never reach terminal velocity, it would hit the wheel which would slow that bitch down. BOOM!

This lacks the cake theory. It states that if u muiltiplie c•a•k•e then it equals lie. Therefor cake=lie. There, your science is fxd

aperture science is not the best, yeah, they made the portal gun, but black mesa invented the gravity gun, which, can in fact destroy a portal


Wouldn't work. Water wouldn't go down because there isn't any gravity force below it to pull it down.

Still funny though.


This is probably how everything in Portal is actually powered.

It'd be pretty sick :D

****ing portals, how do they work?

As long as less energy is used to run the portals than is produced by the turbine, yes it would work.

I think gravity/The Earth would be pissed off though.

this concept will be a problem for future energy companies...

i think this is /b/rillient!1edaw;fskczdvx;kdf

actually, that's possible without the portal technology. attach the wheel to a fountain (like a fish spitting or something), and then you'll get easier infinite energy!


Won't work the water will go speed of light a disappear.

Power companies will go bankrupt!TROLOLOLOL

How do you get a portal?

Look guys, turns out this is not possible due to the creation of infinite energy. And not just this, but portals in general. They remove energy from the universe, then spit more or less back in. The energy comes from nowhere; this would work, but portals are impossible due to the laws of physics. Making a portal gun is like using a time machine and flipping off Einstein. PROBLEM?

Why don't you just use infinite wheels to get infinite infinite power?@#5717

This would conflict with the laws of energy conservation and thermodynamics. A solution to this conflict would be that the portal will require as much energy to stay open as however much static energy it requires to begin with plus the mass of anything passing through it multiplied the distance between portals.

No, big power companies will buy lots of portal guns@#50165


Portals don't exist.

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