Moon Tide Machine

Moon Tide Machine
Uploaded on Oct 2, 2010
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jelly moonfag

the other half will die of dehydratation!
... who cares!


the moon keeps us from drifting into the sun so we all will die

Would work

#42558 Then it'll be a hell of a good run until that point won't it.

So that actually opens up a big string of oceanfront property.. Good idea

Would flood half the earth killing the vast majority of people and the other would go through drought dying of dehydration.

wow! this could actually work!

Actually you need to move the moon closer to Earth to move the water, the water doesn't move the moon.

Considering that the distance between the moon and our planet continues to increase, this might be troublesome.
Try sticking rockets onto the moon to bring it closer instead.

the earth wouldn't look like that. there would still be water on the rest of earth, and there is a spot on the side opposite of the moon that has a high tide

You left out the part about the magnets and shwoopy arms


LOL this would mean an EPIC eclipse

@848: You are wrong: the distance between Earth and the moon decreases by 1.3 mm/s, provable by calculations.

hmm moons gravity isnt as strong as earth's and thats why we only get tides, but that doesnt mean that it can only pull water. if we move the moon too close to the earth, the earth's gravity will basically just pull the moon and thats when we collide to the moon. this is such a bad idea.

We'll have to rename the planet 'Eartune'... It'll be alot like Neptune, eh?

Incredibly huge flaw with this one! "The moon is now so close to the earth" its not its so close to the sea. That's bloody long boat trip to the lift.


Last, u jelly?

Less troll than you might think. While the total mass of the earth would remain unchanged, thus meaning the moon would come no closer to us, we could potentially become tidally locked. It is a commonly known factoid that on earth one only ever sees one side of the moon, this could be due to the moon having one side more massive than the other.


Removing nighttime? Got it.

But then it’d crash into the Earth

It is physically impossible to attach the moon to Earth with a long tube. Even then, Earth's mass hasn't changed, so it won't get any closer than it is now. In fact, the moon gets 1 1/2 inch farther away from us each year. One side of the earth will be flooded and the other will be dried, killing life and leaving us tidally locked. This is also why Earth has only seen one side of the moon.

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