Moon Bounce

Moon Bounce
Uploaded on Oct 2, 2010
Uploader: Admin

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@ #3481 ur doing it wrong!

i tried it, but when i removed the ceiling the ball went so fast that i couldnt catch it...
now what mexican amigo

i like it .

Must hurt butt :D

Rubber ball gets shot up into a-hole. Problem, constipated people?

hellz yea,... i jelly

That doesn't even make sense. The gravity and laws of force will decrease the kinetic energy for each time it bounces.


This isn't the place for you anyway.

Troll but what if you pull it out but the ball is too quick and it goes into space without you TROLL

Enjoy the rubber ball shoved up your butt at 9001 MPH.
Problem, trollfags?


Also, everyone knows that trolls don't have assholes because they're one giant asshole. Newfag.

That was not a spelling fail, he's Mexican.

I like this troll

@#3512 Oh god, I'm so sorry.


Exactly, have pity on the Mexican, sucks shit to be one already, let's forget his spelling mistake. So sorry.

don't you mean 'you are now in the space'?

Wrong. You get your troll ass ripped apart by red ball.
I know because I asian man with food.

@#45100 dont be a smart ass this is TROLL SCIENCE

Or kidnap The guy in 300 and he will THIS IS SPARTA your ass to

This won't work, because you can't go to space like that...

@#96081 yep

The ball is not powerful enough to leave gravity, no matter how many times it has bounced.

You jelly NASA?

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